My top 5 favourite youtubers 

  1. Daniel Howell 

To start of this last is danisnotonfire, or as he’s recently changed it to Daniel Howell his real name. I love him so much he’s so hilarious and I have definitely cried with laughter to his videos. He is mainly with his best friend Phil who I love to but dan is my all time favourite youtuber.

2. Noodlerella 

Connie Glynn is an amazing youtuber, with over 900,000 subscribers. She makes videos for everyone and creates videos with all different varieties like impressions to hauls to fun challenges. She also loves Disney so we have a lot in common. She’s so cute.

3. Doddleoddle (Dodie) 

Dodie is an outstanding youtuber whose channel is based on music and her fantastic voice. She writes and performs her own songs and uploads every week. Her songs are meaningful, they present her life and how she copes with depression, an over looked problem in modern day society. I love her so much and my friends are sick of me talking about her all the time. Oh she also had an album as well.

4. Thatcherjoe 

The younger brother of popular youtuber zoella is just hilarious. I watch all his videos  and laugh at them every time. His pranks are clever, funny and enjoyable and he’s great to watch. 

5. Zoella 

Zoella is just a great youtuber. She has over 10 million subscribers and is just so funny. I love all her videos especially when there with her friends. She does a variety of things in her videos and is overall one of my favourite youtuber.

I hope you enjoyed my post and also take a look at some of the youtubers in my list. 


How to survive exams

So we’re currently in that magical time of the year where young people all around the world are crying themselves to sleep at night and having a daily heart attack. But it’s fine as long as you follow these simple tips which prevent you from dying from exam stress.

Firstly start revising weeks before your exam. HA! No but seriously that’s the best thing you can do and mainly study the things that actually matter, like don’t revise everything about world war 2 and then later relise you were meant to revise multiplication.

Secondly TURN NOTIFICATIONS OFF! Now I know it’s such a terrible thing to do, but it’s for the best, you can’t revise whilst every three seconds your phone beeps letting you know you have a new follower on instagtram, it will distract you from your work.

Finally you can’t be hanging around other nervous people as they’ll just freak you out and make you nervous and then you’ll both start hyperventilating and be sent to the doctor, which means you’ll have to do your test another day when everyone’s finished there’s.

Exams are quite pointless as they go over information and facts that we won’t ever need in our lives again, and we are made to do them just because are teachers hate us! Honestly when will we ever use long division

In life just buy a calculator. Anyway  remember to breathe and not suffocate and know that it’s not the end of the world, even though people in America finish school in like January ( beginning of June ) and are on there summer holidays when your dying over a maths test.

Overall there is no way to survive exams,

But use these helpful tips to try.

Exams are horrible, but here’s a pic of young Leo to make you feel happy and that everything going to be fine.


Liebster Award

The other day I was just browsing through the internet on my laptop then suddenly my phone made a sound. I quickly lunged to my phone thinking I have friends whom are texting me, as if, it was a notification from wordpress. I had been nominated for the Liebster award (how fancy) I yelped wth excitement.

I’d like to thank Hey there clumsie, love living lifestyle, the sarcastic coconut and wanna be cat lady for nominating me. Unfortunately I can only choose one blog, but thank you all anyway.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions they have asked
  • Nominate at least 5 bloggers – no more than 11
  • Tell the bloggers you have nominated them
  • Create 11 questions for them to answer

Hey there clumsie’s questions

  • If you had to live in one place for the rest of your life where would it be – Japan 
  • What are your future goal – to be an animator or famous
  • Hot or cold – cold
  • What are your 3 favourite songs –
  1.  Lana del Rey – ride
  2. Beyoncé – irreplaceable
  3. Lorde – team
  • Who do you look up to the most – Beyoncé/ lorde/ Lana del Rey (can’t choose)
  • Why^ – because there all strong and amazing woman who I love
  • If you could do anything in space what would it be – I don’t know I’d be to scared to do anything
  • What mythical creature would you have as a pet – Pegasus
  • Dogs or cats – dogs
  • What is your proudest achievement – I  Honestly have done nothing
  • Never have money and have amazing friends or have all the money in the world and have no friends – never have money and amazing friends

My nominees

My questions

  • Favourite colour
  • Favourite 3 songs
  • What are your worst fears
  • Which famous person do you look up to
  • What’s your dream job
  • What’s your favourite to show
  • Favourite singer
  • Dogs or cats
  • What’s something you couldn’t live without
  • If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be
  • Do you like staying in or going out

Thank you to all the people who nominated me and I hope my nominees have fun doing this award. Thanks for reading.




Sorry, but what actually are fads, well, the dictionary says a fad is an intense and wildly shared enthusiasm for something, especially something that is short lived; a craze. Basically there objects or actions that are so popular and amazing for a month and then they suddenly lose popularity and disappear.

Right, I don’t like fads, frankly they make me feel sick, specifically dabbing , like why was that such a big thing, oh, and remember fidget spinners, oh yeah they haven’t gone yet, and I’ve made my thoughts on them very clear from my first blog post. Why is it if your caught doing it a month after it’s gone, it’s like the worst thing anyone can do.

So in this blog post I was just making you aware about how much I hate fads, I mean you can do it if you want, I’m not stopping you, but I won’t be joining because I think there stupid. Thanks for reading my blog.


What keeps me awake at night 

These are a few things that I do every night that prevents me from going to sleep

1. My phone

You know when you get into bed and your all ready for sleep and you turn your phone of and put it to the side, then your arm just apparently has a mind of its own and grabs it, and then it’s suddenly 1 o’clock in the morning and your on 3% battery and your oblivious to what has just happened, yeah that happens to me all the time, it’s quite bad really. But the worst thing for me is charging it at night, now I know this sounds weird, but what if it gets caught on fire from all the heat and electricity and then I’m calling the fire fighters, its quite stressful really. Well this fire situation has never actually happened to me and it will probably never happen , but I’m just being cautious.

2. My dog

So my dog likes to sleep in my bed with me, which can be great, a big, fluffy thing to have beside you, BUT NO! She takes up all of the space and it’s so uncomfortable, I have to try and fit into a space that is comfortable, but there isn’t one.

3. Bugs

Well, I’m frightened of every bug to be honest, so when one wonders into my house uninvited, I can’t take it. The two main bugs that torture me like this are moths and spiders, it’s always just as I’m about to turn of the light I suddenly spot one mocking me. Normally I would just run and scream and start crying, but there is a chance I’ll slither into bed just to turn the torch on my phone to spot where it is. But that’s the thing when it’s dark you don’t know what could be lurking in the shadows, the creature could’ve crawled on me and start attacking me. So I don’t like the dark. 

4. Bugs again

Right, this ones different to the other bug problem. But do you know that there are more creatures living on you then people on this planet and billions of microorganisms are laying in your bed.

It’s quite petrifying to think of but over ten have just died on you as you’ve read this post and as much as I shower and wash they’ll still be there and I’ll never get rid of them.

I hope you enjoyed my post and comment some of the things that keep you awake at night.


My Favourites

These last two months so many fantastic things have been released and I have loved pretty much everything, so heres my list of what has caught my eye in May and June.

1. Halsey Hopeless fountain kingdom

I absolutely love this album so much, it has great songs, fantastic lyrics etc. I find Halsey a brilliant but underrated singer and I definitely think you should listen to the album. Oh and did I tell you it’s based on Romeo and Juliet and who doesn’t love them.

2. Alices adventures in wonderland

I do realise that this book came out in the year 1865 and not in the last two months, but its fine nobody cares. Arrrrgh I just love this book, I mean it has taken me over 150 years to start to read it, but its so good, everything is mad and I’m mad so we have so much in common. I just love the book, no actually I just love everything Alice in wonderland and I highly recommend it.

3. 13 Reasons Why

I do also know this didn’t come out in the last two months but I still enjoyed it so it’s fine. I was recommended to watch it by everyone because the whole world have seen it. It’s a masterpiece about serious topics that happen nowadays and I’ve watched the whole series twice because it’s so great. So go watch it.

4. Paramore After Laughter

Another amazing album by an outstanding band that’s been around for over 10 years and they still can make brilliant music. This album has so many categories of music, so there’s something for everyone and I really recommended you to listen to it.

Honourable mention:

Lorde Melodrama

I’ve chosen to put this in the honourable mention section because unfortunately it hasn’t been released, but it still comes out in June and I know for sure I’m going to LOVE IT. I’ve loved Lorde since royals and she’s made me wait 4 years for this album

And I’m so ready for it. From the songs I’ve heard it’s going to be absolutely magnificent. So I do recommend it, it comes out on June 16th for anyone whose interested.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recent favourites and I hope you are interested in at least one of them. Thanks for reading.




Phones. We rely are whole life on them. We keep are deepest, darkest secrets in them and there only allowed in our hands. We use social media on them such as Instagram and Snapchat, we have millions of apps that we definitely don’t use and who doesn’t use google to find out new and interesting things. Phones are a life saver and I can’t imagine living without one.

I mean the battery is always running out and I do look at it an unhealthy amount, however that doesn’t matter. There great. end of blog post.