Sorry, but what actually are fads, well, the dictionary says a fad is an intense and wildly shared enthusiasm for something, especially something that is short lived; a craze. Basically there objects or actions that are so popular and amazing for a month and then they suddenly lose popularity and disappear.

Right, I don’t like fads, frankly they make me feel sick, specifically dabbing , like why was that such a big thing, oh, and remember fidget spinners, oh yeah they haven’t gone yet, and I’ve made my thoughts on them very clear from my first blog post. Why is it if your caught doing it a month after it’s gone, it’s like the worst thing anyone can do.

So in this blog post I was just making you aware about how much I hate fads, I mean you can do it if you want, I’m not stopping you, but I won’t be joining because I think there stupid. Thanks for reading my blog.


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