My top 5 favourite youtubers 

  1. Daniel Howell 

To start of this last is danisnotonfire, or as he’s recently changed it to Daniel Howell his real name. I love him so much he’s so hilarious and I have definitely cried with laughter to his videos. He is mainly with his best friend Phil who I love to but dan is my all time favourite youtuber.

2. Noodlerella 

Connie Glynn is an amazing youtuber, with over 900,000 subscribers. She makes videos for everyone and creates videos with all different varieties like impressions to hauls to fun challenges. She also loves Disney so we have a lot in common. She’s so cute.

3. Doddleoddle (Dodie) 

Dodie is an outstanding youtuber whose channel is based on music and her fantastic voice. She writes and performs her own songs and uploads every week. Her songs are meaningful, they present her life and how she copes with depression, an over looked problem in modern day society. I love her so much and my friends are sick of me talking about her all the time. Oh she also had an album as well.

4. Thatcherjoe 

The younger brother of popular youtuber zoella is just hilarious. I watch all his videos  and laugh at them every time. His pranks are clever, funny and enjoyable and he’s great to watch. 

5. Zoella 

Zoella is just a great youtuber. She has over 10 million subscribers and is just so funny. I love all her videos especially when there with her friends. She does a variety of things in her videos and is overall one of my favourite youtuber.

I hope you enjoyed my post and also take a look at some of the youtubers in my list. 


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