How to survive exams

So we’re currently in that magical time of the year where young people all around the world are crying themselves to sleep at night and having a daily heart attack. But it’s fine as long as you follow these simple tips which prevent you from dying from exam stress.

Firstly start revising weeks before your exam. HA! No but seriously that’s the best thing you can do and mainly study the things that actually matter, like don’t revise everything about world war 2 and then later relise you were meant to revise multiplication.

Secondly TURN NOTIFICATIONS OFF! Now I know it’s such a terrible thing to do, but it’s for the best, you can’t revise whilst every three seconds your phone beeps letting you know you have a new follower on instagtram, it will distract you from your work.

Finally you can’t be hanging around other nervous people as they’ll just freak you out and make you nervous and then you’ll both start hyperventilating and be sent to the doctor, which means you’ll have to do your test another day when everyone’s finished there’s.

Exams are quite pointless as they go over information and facts that we won’t ever need in our lives again, and we are made to do them just because are teachers hate us! Honestly when will we ever use long division

In life just buy a calculator. Anyway ┬áremember to breathe and not suffocate and know that it’s not the end of the world, even though people in America finish school in like January ( beginning of June ) and are on there summer holidays when your dying over a maths test.

Overall there is no way to survive exams,

But use these helpful tips to try.

Exams are horrible, but here’s a pic of young Leo to make you feel happy and that everything going to be fine.