My Favourites

These last two months so many fantastic things have been released and I have loved pretty much everything, so heres my list of what has caught my eye in May and June.

1. Halsey Hopeless fountain kingdom

I absolutely love this album so much, it has great songs, fantastic lyrics etc. I find Halsey a brilliant but underrated singer and I definitely think you should listen to the album. Oh and did I tell you it’s based on Romeo and Juliet and who doesn’t love them.

2. Alices adventures in wonderland

I do realise that this book came out in the year 1865 and not in the last two months, but its fine nobody cares. Arrrrgh I just love this book, I mean it has taken me over 150 years to start to read it, but its so good, everything is mad and I’m mad so we have so much in common. I just love the book, no actually I just love everything Alice in wonderland and I highly recommend it.

3. 13 Reasons Why

I do also know this didn’t come out in the last two months but I still enjoyed it so it’s fine. I was recommended to watch it by everyone because the whole world have seen it. It’s a masterpiece about serious topics that happen nowadays and I’ve watched the whole series twice because it’s so great. So go watch it.

4. Paramore After Laughter

Another amazing album by an outstanding band that’s been around for over 10 years and they still can make brilliant music. This album has so many categories of music, so there’s something for everyone and I really recommended you to listen to it.

Honourable mention:

Lorde Melodrama

I’ve chosen to put this in the honourable mention section because unfortunately it hasn’t been released, but it still comes out in June and I know for sure I’m going to LOVE IT. I’ve loved Lorde since royals and she’s made me wait 4 years for this album

And I’m so ready for it. From the songs I’ve heard it’s going to be absolutely magnificent. So I do recommend it, it comes out on June 16th for anyone whose interested.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recent favourites and I hope you are interested in at least one of them. Thanks for reading.