What keeps me awake at night 

These are a few things that I do every night that prevents me from going to sleep

1. My phone

You know when you get into bed and your all ready for sleep and you turn your phone of and put it to the side, then your arm just apparently has a mind of its own and grabs it, and then it’s suddenly 1 o’clock in the morning and your on 3% battery and your oblivious to what has just happened, yeah that happens to me all the time, it’s quite bad really. But the worst thing for me is charging it at night, now I know this sounds weird, but what if it gets caught on fire from all the heat and electricity and then I’m calling the fire fighters, its quite stressful really. Well this fire situation has never actually happened to me and it will probably never happen , but I’m just being cautious.

2. My dog

So my dog likes to sleep in my bed with me, which can be great, a big, fluffy thing to have beside you, BUT NO! She takes up all of the space and it’s so uncomfortable, I have to try and fit into a space that is comfortable, but there isn’t one.

3. Bugs

Well, I’m frightened of every bug to be honest, so when one wonders into my house uninvited, I can’t take it. The two main bugs that torture me like this are moths and spiders, it’s always just as I’m about to turn of the light I suddenly spot one mocking me. Normally I would just run and scream and start crying, but there is a chance I’ll slither into bed just to turn the torch on my phone to spot where it is. But that’s the thing when it’s dark you don’t know what could be lurking in the shadows, the creature could’ve crawled on me and start attacking me. So I don’t like the dark.¬†

4. Bugs again

Right, this ones different to the other bug problem. But do you know that there are more creatures living on you then people on this planet and billions of microorganisms are laying in your bed.

It’s quite petrifying to think of but over ten have just died on you as you’ve read this post and as much as I shower and wash they’ll still be there and I’ll never get rid of them.

I hope you enjoyed my post and comment some of the things that keep you awake at night.