Fidget Spinners

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This is my first blog post, quite exciting really isn’t it, and for my first blog post I’m going to be sharing my feelings on the new fad, that has sprung itself upon us for no absolute reason what so ever, the fidget spinners. I mean what are they and what are they for. Honestly I just think they’re ridiculous, they’re meant to help you concentrate but the only thing your concentrating on is the colourful spinning thing in your hand. They’re annoying and make noises that are definitely not needed and there are some for over a thousand pounds, pointless. You do know these things have been around since the 90’s so why now are they suddenly famous, they’ve even been banned in our school. I know this post was kind of like a rant, but I just have a lot of opinions on these spinning contraptions and please tell me if any of you reading find them pointless or the best thing thats ever happened?